Q:What makes your fence products different from other company’s?

A:dazzle industry limited provide free design service, warranty service, with strictly quality control and very competitive price.

Q:Can you make custom panels if I have a design in mind?

A:Yes, most of our fence products for exporting were manufacture to specs.

Q:How is your steel panels mounted to the post?

A:Different fence design come with different connection. Normally we choose metal clamp or plastic clamp to set up the connection of panel and post.

Q:Can I get your fence in the color that I want?

A:Yes, we can make all colors in Ral, but only for powder or PVC coated surface treatment.

Q:Can I get a pcs of your products sample?

A:Yes, free samples will be provided anytime.

Q:Do you offer a warranty on your fence?

A:Yes, our hot dipped galvanized products and galvanized + powder coated products come with a 10 years limited warranty. More details you can check our warranty policy.

Q:What type of materials do you use for fence?

A:Most of the wire we use is low carbon steel wire. The core wire for razor wire is high tension strength steel wire. Post material is Q235.

Q:Will my fence rust, peel, fade or chip?

A:It shows more details in our warranty policy. If without man-made crash, punch, acid wash, etc, the surface can last for more than 10 years.

Q:Are all chain link fence same?

A:No, the specification of chain link fence are changeable. Our designer will make the design according to your request.

Q:What are fittings and how are they used?

A:We have hundreds of fittings for our fence products. Different type of fence comes with different accessories.

Q:How do I take care of my new fence?

A:Just try to avoid man-made crash, acid, etc.

Q:What type of fencing does dazzle industry limited offer?

A:Our mail products are welded mesh fence, euro fence, rolltop fence, double wire fence, 358 high security fence, chain link fence, barbed wire, concertina razor wire, picket fence, palisade fence, temporary fence, portable fence, airport fence, razor wire fence and gabion box, etc.

Q:What type of posts will be used?

A:Normally we provide three type of post, square post, round post and peach post. dazzle industry limited also can manufacture to specs according to your request.

Q:How are the posts installed in the ground?

A:We can burry the post in the earth, or use flange base plate to set up the post.

Q:How high can I build a fence on my property? Are there restrictions on fence height?

A:Normally the height of post will not be higher than 2.2m, but we can also produce special specs.

Q:What types of residential fence do you sell?

A:Normally the welded mesh fence, double wire fence, palisade fence, picket fence is for residential places.

Q:What types of commercial fence do you sell?

A:The commercial place we suggest to use chain link fence, palisade fence and temporary fence, etc.

Q:Are you licensed and insured?

A:Yes, our company were registered our company in China Mainland and Hongkong.

Q:What things should I consider when I choose a fence?

A:There are several issues need to consider. Location, outlooking, security level, fence quality and price.